Saturday, September 29, 2012

If everything is manufactured by machines and people are left out of jobs, who will consume all the production?

Με τις βλακώδεις διαφημίσεις της Media Markt, χάσαμε και το νόημα της λέξης τζάμπα.

Friday, September 21, 2012

I watched Prometheus the other day and I was somewhat disgusted at the non scientific approach towards the aliens. Then again its just a movie not real science. But then again it shouldn't be called science fiction.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Parts list to build a 3d Printer?

so here is a question that has been circling my mind for a fair bit of time:

the question has validity since as we speak I have at home a disassembled HP scanner, a disassembled HP 920 printer, a still functioning HP 420 printer, a cannon and an other HP scanner. Some found in the bin while walking outside, some from my personal stash of aged technological marvels.

And I am asking because in the scanner there was a great steel rod, lots of cables and a stepper (I think) motor. In the printer there were at least 2-3 brussless or stepper motors one (at least) steel rod and a carriage. And I assume similar stuff reside in each printer or scanner which could be used to assemble a 3D printer. Perhaps adding only the control board.

the democratization of the smartphone

20 years ago I did not know what a mobile phone was.
14 years ago I got my first cheap mobile. A Bosch 509 dual band phone. (which I hacked to have vibration)
2 years ago I got my first android smartphone. A ZTE Blade rebadged as Orange San Francisco.

Over the years I had many mobiles, most of which I still have. And all got replaced for one reason or the other. Always though, always they were relatively cheap compared to the competition. I never gave much money for them which was good in retrospect since over the last few years I've been changing devices often (usually after they break). So why spend a fortune on a device that will be replaced sooner than later?

From the known tech blog gizchina:
"My phone cost 4500 Yuan in China ($708), 18 months later phones costing just 899 Yuan ($140) blow my phone away in terms of hardware, and of course performance! Phones costing a little more such as the Xiaomi M2 which is 1999 ($318) make my phone look like a old black and white LCD Nokia!"

A couple more coments, this time from readers of

" There are many free versions of apps available for Android, the cables and peripherals are usually industry standards so they are both cheap and you can use them on different devices made by different companies in different ecosystems and there aren't that many 3rd party accessories to blow cash on. Also the music downloaded on an Android device can be easily played/transferred outside the Android ecosystem so [...] Apple users are trapped. Apple users spend far more on paid apps, cables, connection kits, peripherals and 3rd party docks/players ect most of which is completely useless outside Apples walled garden. While the music can now be moved around it's a pain in the ass to do so. Apple's goal is to lock you in, their business model is designed to trap you. By the time you realize you want a change you can't without, in some case's, a significant financial hit. Imo thats what keeps most Android users away. That and the lack of specs, device/manufacturer choice."
Couldn't have said it better.

Apple reserves its products for some sort of financial elite, while other manufacturers wish to catch on to almost everyone that Apple neglects. More or less like Romney who disregards the 47% of Americans who voted for Obama.

So I got my first smartphone 2 years ago. It costed 120€ on pay as you go.

Had android not come along, I wouldn't have been able to afford a smartphone. Unless perhaps I
was considering getting a secondhand and outdated iPhone (or most probably a restive screen pda which used to be all the rage, and its kinda weird to see that chinese manufacturers still sell restive screen smartphones, but I guess not all can afford a capacitive phone). Which, had android not come along, would cost a great deal more than they currently do, since Apple would essentially be the smartphone monopoly.

Thinking about Apple vs Samsung, indeed the consumer lost rather than just Samsung. I can't but admit that Apple brought great innovation in the market however Android democratized it. With the existense of cheap Android smartphones, almost everyone is able to take part in the mobile revolution. Had Apple been the monopoly, only a fraction of the current users would have been able to participate. Fact that would mean less revenue for the content providers and the mobile carriers as well.
Here is an interesting article about the actual iPhone manufacturing costs. They calculate a parts cost of 118 quid, and a labor transport etc cost of 58 quid. So from "a total of about £176 to manufacture an iPhone that retails at £499. This represents a profit for Apple of £323 per iPhone."
Thats what I call a robbery plain and simple.

As an example of what is available out there:
This is an android 4 phone sold for 77$. Unlocked without contract and costly addons.
So I wait for the day that I see Apple offering budget iPhones. Till then, so long and thanks for all the fish...

Friday, September 14, 2012


Χωρίς να είμαι ειδικός, νομίζω ότι η βασική διαφορά μεταξύ ακροδεξιών και ακροαριστερών είναι ότι οι ακροδεξιοί είναι εναντίον όλων εκτός των πλουσίων ενώ οι ακροαριστεροί εναντίων των ακροδεξιών και των πλουσίων.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


One might say I am biased and perhaps I am but this is what I think about Apple products:
Of course there are significant (manufacturing-company related) benefits when your whole sales production is based on 1 product with minimal variations. And Apple is doing this very well, but nevertheless I think that iPhone equals money down the drain.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Chinese android smartphone

I just ordered an Ulefone V1277 from ahappydeal. It was the best offer I could find on such a phone. The problem with chinese manufacturers is that they brand their phones with a variety of names. For example the same phone is on sale on Chinavasion under the name HDMIDroid. Which means you need to make a thorough search to get what you want in the best possible price and you wont find it easy. Go figure...
I will update when the phone arrives.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Saucony Men's ProGrid Trigon 5 Ride late review

I should have made this post a few years back, it would be more relevant, but as they say better late than never.
So once upon a time I bought a pair of running shoes. Saucony Men's ProGrid Trigon 5 Ride. I did not buy them cause I liked them or knew the model from friends. In fact I had never heard Saucony before in my life. I walked in a store, told them I want a pair of running shoes told me to get barefoot sit and stand up while the salesman looked my arch and gave me that pair of shoes to try. They fitted nicely, the price was ok, so I got them went home and went out for a run.

It was a disaster! The shoe somehow managed to cut through the skin on my Achilles tendon. And of course the next run was a couple of weeks later with my old beat up Northface trekking shoes.
I am not sure how or why this happened. The fact remains that I still have this pair of shoes which I seldom wear due to the fact that it always cuts through my skin. I have even tried to use a couple of band-aids to cushion the point of contact but that helps only a little bit. I still get cut almost every time I put them on. Which is a pity of course since the shoe is almost new with very little wear on the sole. All in all, for an unknown to me brand the first impression is negative and that of course doesn't help with brand loyalty.

Same problem I had about 15 years ago with a Fila pair of shoes. Needless to say I never bought Fila again...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

JiaYu Mobile. Waporware or not?

Searching to buy a new smartphone I learned about the JiaYu G3 (chinese) mobile phone. After searching a bit online and reading about it, it seems like a very controversial phone.
The specs seem quite above average and the fact that it is advertised with a retail price of about 170$ makes it a total bargain. Assuming it delivers what it promises. (on a related note,
lists this phone as available, before the official launch date at 300+$ which is a more reasonable price but totally out of my budget)
However there are a few issues that need to be addressed and which make it seem like vaporware.

On the official JiaYu shop website, it is listed with a weight of 500 grams. If indeed it is so heavy and its not some sort of typo error. My God! Must be the heaviest phone since the era of phone bricks!
Something else that needs to be addressed is the phone specs. It claims to have 2750mAh battery. That is freaking awesome! If it is true, it must be a hell of a battery! It should provide perhaps a week of use? But it is too good to be true if you ask me.
Another point of interest is that on this website the phone appears to have WIFI a compatibility. 5Ghz networking is highly unlikely for a mobile phone. So I think that is a mistake.

To see it is to believe it. I guess I will have to wait a bit to see the reviews by other users before I jump in the wagon.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Σκέψεις για την εικόνα της Αθήνας

Βλέποντας την κατάσταση να πηγαίνει από το κακό στο χειρότερο την παρούσα στιγμή, σκεφτόμουν τι το διαφορετικό έχουν άλλες πόλεις που θα μπορούσε να αποκτήσει και η Αθήνα και που ίσως θα μπορούσε να βελτιώσει την απαράδεκτη κατάσταση που επικρατεί.
Λονδίνο, Μπανκόγκ, Νέα Υόρκη, Παρίσι, Φρανκφούρτη. Όλες έχουν κάτι κοινό...

Έχουν μεταξύ άλλων ουρανοξύστες.
Μόνο στην Αθήνα απαγορεύεται το χτίσιμο ουρανοξυστών κατά μερικές φήμες για να είναι η Ακρόπολη το πιο ψηλό κτίσμα που να δεσπόζει στην πόλη.

Ένας όμως ή περισσότεροι ουρανοξύτες δεν χρειάζεται να καπελώνουν την Ακρόπολη. Δεν χρειάζεται να φτιαχτούν καν στο κέντρο. Μπορούν να φτιαχτούν περιφεριακά της Αθήνας. Αντιστρέψτε κατά κάποιον τρόπο την αντιπαροχή. Γκρεμίστε πχ 10-20 αντιαισθητικές πολυκατοικίες στο κέντρο και φτιάξε ένα δύο πάρκα και μετά τράβα και χτίσε τον ουρανοξύστη σου πχ στον Πειραιά ή στο Χαϊδάρι ή στο Χαλάνδρι. Και ΠΑΝΤΑ δίπλα σε σταθμό του μετρό. Πάντα με ΠΟΛΛΕΣ υπόγειες θέσεις στάθμευσης και με όλες τις τελευταίες τεχνολογίες εξοικονόμισης ενέργειας και χαμηλής ή μηδενικής ενεργειακής κατανάλωσης. Έτσι θα γίνεται η Αθήνα σιγά σιγά πιο ανθρώπινη και θα αποκτά άλλα ενδιαφέρονται αρχιτεκτονικά στοιχεία, αλλά και ο κλάδος της οικοδομής θα βρίσκει διεξόδους. Ούτε το Burj Khalifa χρειάζεται να κατασκευάσουμε ούτε και το World Trade Center. Απλά κάτι που θα δίνει νέα πνοή στην κορεσμένη Αθήνα τη στιγμή που θα την βελτιώνει κάπως τόσο λειτοργικά όσο και αισθητικά.
Έτσι μπορεί να σταματήσουν να σκαρφαλώνουν οι πολυκατοικίες και τα αυθαίρετα στα βουνά και  θα αποκτούμε επιπλέον χώρους τόσο πρασίνου (με την πιο πάνω αντί-αντιπαροχική λογική) όσο και γραφείων, κατοικίας, καταστημάτων.
Οι μαλακίες (γιατί περί αυτού πρόκειται) για την αισθητική διατήρηση της Αθήνας ή το αντιαισθητικό των ουρανοξυστών ή ακόμη δικαιολογίες της σεισμικότητας της περιοχής καλό θα είναι να αποφεύγεται. Δεν είπα να γκρεμίσουμε την Ακρόπολη ή τα Αναφιώτικα ούτε και τα νεοκλασσικά που είναι και τα μόνα που δίνουν ένα ευχάριστο χρώμα στην Αθήνα. Ο πύργος των αθηνών άλλωστε δεν έπαθε τίποτα από τους μεγάλους σεισμούς της Αθήνας και η Ιαπωνία έχει πολλά ψηλά κτήρια. Το έκτρωμα της αντιπαροχής και του απλώματος της πόλης σε κάθε δυνατή οριζόντια κατεύθυνση πρέπει να σταματήσει.
Και στην τελική αν δεν γουστάρετε να τα χτίσετε στην Αθήνα, χτίστε τα πχ στην Πάτρα ή στον Βόλο ή στη Θεσσαλονίκη που υποφέρουν από τα ίδια (και αισθητικά) προβλήματα με την Αθήνα.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Άκουγα σήμερα σε όλα τα κανάλια για τον αιφνιδιασμό του Σαμαρά και του Δένδια στην Ομόνοια. Να φανταστείτε πήγαν τόσο αιφνιδιαστικά που μονάχα μία κάμερα πρόλαβε να τους γράψει και έτσι καθίσαν να τα πούνε σε τραπεζοκάθισμα της περιοχής μήπως προλάβουν και έρθουν και άλλες κάμερες. Επειδή όμως προκοπή δεν είδανε ανταλλάξαν και απόψεις σχετικά με καυτά θέματα της επικαιρότητας, όπως "πως το τρίβουν το πιπέρι;", "ονειρεύονται τα ανδροειδή ηλεκτρικά πρόβατα;" και άλλα συναφή.

Ου να χαθείτε παλιάνθρωποι