Monday, March 27, 2017

Android TV HDMI Stick Firmware Upgrade RK3066

I had a relatively old, no name, HDMI Android TV stick, with rockchip 3066. At some point stopped booting. It would remain stuck at R-Box boot logo. Not remembering where I got it from and not being able to find a firmware online I replaced it with another one and it remained on a shelf collecting dust.

I do not like my stuff to be fautly, and since I had some time to kill, I start searching for a proper firmware.

first of all, I visited to download the proper flash tool for dual core chips. (RK3066 (Dual-Core) Firmware Image Flashing: English RKbatch Tool v1.5)

Of course one needs the proper drivers too, which I had downloaded in the past and dont remember where from.

Then because my particular Android stick didn't have a reset button i was thinking about using the directions shown bellow:

but then it occurred to me to look if the PCB board had contacts for an absent reset switch.

 and I did! On the pcb there was 2 unpopulated contacts with a rectangle and a circle inside, as shown above which when shorted with a metal pin, immediately the stick went into flash mode and was recognised by the flash tools.

After a few fruitless attempts to locate a firmware that would work on this one (most returned an error about the Chip) I found one that upgraded flawlessly! I plugged the Stick on the TV and worked!!!! After more than a year collecting dust, it was working again!
The firmware that worked for me was the following: TV-HDMI-200BT(V1.0)_20130312.

Unfortunately after some testing I realised, that the WIFI wasnt working, but that is a minor problem since it can playback video from USB, which was its primary usage anyway. I found more problems, like the SD card wasn't accessible, the bluetooth didnt seem to turn on. But at the moment I dont care.