Friday, June 24, 2016

A view and comparison of the Toughbook H2 / H1 HDD Caddies

Having acquired a working Panasonic Toughbook H2, without HDD and caddy, had to buy one to use it.
Little did I know I could have avoided wasting $50+ on an H2 caddy.

I searched online for a comparison of Toughbook caddies, with no success. If you find any, please share.
So I ordered one for me. As soon as the caddy arrived, I compared the H1 and H2. To my surprise were pretty similar!!!

The white is from the Toughbook H2, 
the black from the Toughbook H1
There is some difference in size, with the white being half cm, shorter from each side and the protrusions that slot it into place, are L shaped for the Toughbook H2, and rectangular for the toughbook H1. The spacing though is exactly the same.

You see where this is going?

Using a razor thin blade, I cut the rectangular protrusions into L shapes.

and it fitted right in!! Of course something has to be used on the sides to keep the caddy steady, as well as on the top to remain secured inside without wiggling. The data connector alone isn't holding the caddy firmly. 

The H2, booted the H1 windows, obviously without success. But proves the point.