Monday, March 21, 2016

Excellent service on very positive experience

Lately I was in need of a digitizer glass for a tablet I own.
I found the cheapest option in and bought it.
sadly when it arrived, the digitizer was broken. I immediately contacted the web shop and they send a replacement.
Now my tablet is working greatly again!
I would highly recommend it 

horrible horrible horrible quality Eyelet Punch Pliers Leather Hole Hand Belt Watch Band Holes Punches Tool LX

I bought a grommet/eylet pliers from Ebay and it arrived promptly.
But, the thing is so shitty, it bent on the first use!!! The first grommet I ever tried to install, bent the pliers.

Of course its nice to know I can bent metal, but this is just ridiculous.

Don't waste your money, stay away!

Monday, March 14, 2016


A word of caution when attempting to replace broken phone or tablet digitizers.
When the digitizer is glued on the plastic frame, you could use a heat gun to degrade the glue for easier separation. BUT make sure you do not overheat it, cause the plastic will warp and twist and change shape and if you are lucky it will be a little work cutting out the bad plastic with an Xacto knife. 
In my experience, heating the glass/plastic interface so much I couldn't touch it was too much.
The plastic was distorted and the lcd screen wouldn't fit so I had to remove some of the distorted material with a knife.
I was lucky cause it worked in the end, although the gap at that point now is noticeable, the tablet works.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

fixing cheap Chinese stuff to suit my needs

so, I felt the need to change the clamp of my bicycle seatpost from fixed screw to quick release. Being winter and not using it too much, I didn't bother to check whether the cheap quick release clamp I found on Ebay, for less than 1€ would do.

Once it arrived, I realised that for it to fit, my clamp would have to be hole through, using a nut, which wasn't  going to work in my case.

So got my (cheap) rod thread cutter tools at hand and lengthened the thread of the quick release to be able to screw all the way.

It worked pretty good. But the screw seems to have bend a little.
I used the bike a little bit and seems to be secured nicely.