Wednesday, January 4, 2017

considering an electric

So I seriously consider buying an EV vehicle for city usage. After all 95% of my needs would be covered vu the 80miles radiu offered by Nissan leaf. I live on a small island after all. However I don't have the buying capacity to spend 25-30k for a new car not to mention that arednt sold officially here in Greece. By a stretch most I could afford would be a second hand car nor over 10000€. And that with financial help from the family.

It has a variety of advantages. No yearly tax for the forceable future as long as EV cars remain scarse here and no new legislation decides to milk them for money. Electricity is much cheaper for running the at the moment.

Don't require any specialised mechanic, doesn't have Much mechanical parts to break down. Although it will require an electrician, if something goes wrong.

The problem I for see in the future more and more will be on the roads, electricity will go up, it is bound to lose its privileged tax free status, oil prices will go up as demand slows and less billions are spend in new oil production capacity. Battery technology is bount to get better, which means that people will get stuck with vehicles losing their value and range faster if current second hand EVs are any indication.
 If no after market batteries exist for cars like the leaf and Renault fluence in reasonable cost, then... EVs are kinda here to bring us "doom"