Sunday, March 18, 2018

turkey and Greek forest fires

Turkey has been undermining Greece since forever. Forest fires has been one of the weapons used against Greece. Typically we had fires during the summer . But this year with Greece turkey relations in an all time low, we've had fires during March!March

Turkey should be held responsible  for crimes against humanity. The forests might belong geographically in Greek territory, but the oxygen they produce belongs to everfuckingyone

Friday, March 16, 2018

Comparison between genuine Leister Triac welding nozzle and a Chinese noname from Ebay

Havent used any of those yet, but the chinese looks rather hastly made. However for 4-5€ can't beat that price while the original Leister costed here around 40-50€.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Football in Greece, brings to mind the mafia in Italy

The recent photos of Ivan Savvidis open carrying in a football match between PAOK and AEK confirms my thoughts and suspicions about the world of footbal in Greece. There are teams own by multimillionairs, without much popular support and without people buying tickets and attending live football games, where do they find all those millions to buy new players from other teams and bring famous players from abroad? What could possibly those teams provide to their wealthy owners?

I cant imagine any serious businesman buying a football team or any sports team for that matter without expecting some kind of return. Either monetary, or perhaps leverage, or perhaps a hooligan army to threaten the adversaries and the elceted government, perhaps winning money from betting. 

So whatever hidden reasons they have to own sports teams, whatever filth is hidden under the carpet, they've become so arrogant, that they don't even try to hide anymore. They don't even try to pretend they are law abidding citizens. And now they walk around open carying guns in a country where in order to own a gun you must prove (somehow) that you have a legitimate reason and fear for life to have one. 
As a rich businessman I can understand his need to have a gun and bodyguards. But in the football field, during a game? It is a dangerous place I admit, with hooligans causing hell during many games. But open carrying a gun?

Those immoral people and his friends and media outlets and the people they can influence or perhaps even blackmail have brought Greece in the verge of economic distaster. In the loving hands of IMF and EU monetary organisations. 
And then we get Turkey as a wolf and FYROM and Albania as hyenas smelling blood and a wounded animal easy pray to their survival of the strongest game. The

Thursday, February 15, 2018

My unreasonable atraction for cars sporting double circular headlights

I realised recently that I have an fetish liking cars that have double, circular of the same size headlights.

Opel Manta A

Lancia Delta Integralle

BMW E30, E24

Dodge Challenger


checker taxi cab

Lancia 037 Stradale

Lancia Beta

Ford Capri

Mazda rx4

Alfa Romeo GTV


Renault Alpine

I am sure I forget some, but I will update as needed

Sunday, February 4, 2018

EBay and working for a retail shop has ruined shopping for me. I walk into a shop and realise that the price I am going to pay for an object is a lot higher than what the object coats to make. Includes profit of the manufacturer, transportation, packaging, advertisement, taxes, storage, profit for the reseller and of course each ones expenses. And I just can't put myself in the position to throw the money. And end up getting stuff from ebay, directly from China.
Admitedly projects that would take 1-2 days to finish end up taking months waiting for the right part to arrive. If the Chinese manage to speed up things, then they've completely won the game.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dakar Rally,

I always thought that the Trucks racing in the Dakar rally, were similar to cargo trucks, with the back filled with supplies: Food, spare parts, diesel. It seems I was wrong.

On the following clip, at 1:07, the sky is visible through the truck!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

I pre-ordered Persepolis Rising from Amazon on the 12th of November and received it on the 28th of December. Just for laughs I checked on the pirate bay to see if it was online, and OMFG it was uploaded 8/12/17, 4 days after the official release on the 5th of December.
With this kind of shitty service perhaps next time I wont bother ordering physical books.