Friday, December 18, 2015

Repair of Siemens room thermostat RDE 10.1 battery compartment, Επισκευη θήκης μπαταριών θερμοστατη Siemens

So I've seen a few Siemens room thermostat RDE 10.1 get thrown away due to broken battery compartment.

The door keeping the compartment in place brakes and the lower part of the battery case falls the battery powered thermostat can't operate.

However if you are a little crafty, there is a solution other than replacing the whole thermostat.

first you use some THIN (non elongating) adhesive tape to stick the batteries together in reverse polarity. Make sure the ends of the batteries are at the same exact level. Otherwise it may not have good contact. (I used insulating electrical tape, but that's not optimal)

Use a thin wire to bridge the 2 lower battery contacts. Even better if you solder them.

Then use adhesive tape to stick the two batteries inside the battery case. And a small piece to use as a way to pull and remove the case if needed.

Voila the thermostat is good to go!