Monday, August 25, 2014

Some thoughts on the recent killing of James Foley

I was reading an article on slate about the recent execution of James Foley. Although the reporter makes some valid points, when I reached the following part, couldn't stop but smiling at the irony. 
"The most powerful weapon bad people use to control good people isn’t knives, guns, or bombs. It’s fear. They train you to think about your options within a frameworkthey control: You make the decisions; they impose the consequences.
US media outlets, US government and a variety of US companies use fear in their everyday transactions to reap profits, selling guns, selling medicine, selling advertisements, selling fear. I cannot believe that the reporter doesn't know that. He is just choosing to ignore it.
Also before reaching Foleys death, there have been at least ~20 years of fighting in Iraq were the US was actively involved and the nearby region for even longer. Foley died in the hands of the machine that was placed there by the US government action and inaction over the last 20 or so years.
Lets not forget that the US government doesn't care about american citizens. Unless perhaps they are billionaire, or within the US government. Don't ask for proof, have a look at the healthcare of veterans, and the fact that the US sends its troops (and then naive people ask for supporting them) everywhere and gets them killed.
"The only way to extinguish the market in kidnapping is to make it worthless. That means refusing to pay."
That is such a narrow minded position. 
1. You don't have to have kidnappings. Do not allow your citizens to go in these areas. Send affiliates who might not be in the same danger.
2. Change your motherfucking external policy. Instead of sending fucking soldiers and bombs send in teachers and books. But then those are not your core customers.
3. Use other means of diplomacy rather than weapons. Make motherfucking friends rather than enemies. You do reap what you saw.

"But people like us—people who, in Obama’s words, build rather than destroy—will prevail, as long as we refuse to accept the enemy’s rules."
Dude please don't be or play stupid. For half the world US is the enemy! Imagine the rest of the world working in the same lines. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Connecting Ferguson with ISIS!

I read the sad news about the beheading of an american photo journalist by ISIS. And then I had an epiphany. the US should outsource police work to ISIS forces and deploy them in Ferguson for example or any other similarly uprising city and they kill two birds with one stone!
Isis loves to kill americans, and US will a very quiet place. Just the way they like it!