Thursday, May 7, 2015

Recapping an ORION TV, model TV26LB126S

Sometime ago, a bad Chinese made plug connecting an electric radiator, was the cause of a current spike, that took out a dehumidifier, a router, a couple of chargers and caused the TV to make a loud noise.
From all of those the TV was still working, but a loud zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz noise didn't sound very healthy. Surprisingly worked like this for a month until I got fed up and decided to open it up.
The sound was like a spark from electric short, so I thought that something might be making an arc.
After a handful of screws, the rear panel laid bare in front of me. After unscrewing a couple of boards, the fault was located in two blown capacitors on the Power board.

Some photos.
The TV has a MediaTek chipset!
Obligatory photo to know where each cable goes
The Power board.
 This circuit was ok
 The blown capacitors
 Blown capacitor, 400V, 100μf, 105C, Nichion
 different view
 the other capacitor
 the connector's board

the offending capacitors, were located on Ebay, and swiftly bought.
After more than 30days, (damn slow Chinese post) the capacitors arrived, and were swiftly replaced.
The TV was put back together, and worked like a charm!

Apparently this was causing the problem with my android dongle, that seemed to switch the HDMI Video signal on and off .