Thursday, February 17, 2011


I had the strangest dream today. I dreamed war! I was in my home, and I was dreaming all the details of my home and as I was sitting in my living room I noticed some strange balls of air far away in the sky. It looked quite strange cause seemed like the air was pressured away in certain points as if something was materializing there pushing the air aside.
I didn't know what to think of those spheres, and was about to start recording with my camera when I realized that these spheres were followed by small flying objects like WWII propeller airplanes, making various formations and releasing bombs. They didn't seem to have a pilot!
And then I saw it in my balcony.
A long slim cylinder like a minigun was lowering vertically from above and I realized I had to run. Moments later the minigun was taking horizontal position, behind something that looked like a helicopter and started firing at me!!
Had barely enough time to run behind a wall in the center of the house behind a ball of fire and was moving towards the back side, wondering how would I evade such a machine especially if it had thermal vision, seriously considering hiding in the basement, when I saw a second one on the back balcony peering inside the apartment looking for me.
My goodness, I thought, they can communicate!

And then I woke up puzzled.

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